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  • Anxiety

    Wish Me

    I got an interview invitation for GOV. position and Ive been waiting for this position in 5 years working at different field and Im fucking nervous. I know, from the very…

  • Anxiety

    Luahan hati

    Assalamualaikum …. As i begin to type this.  Sy start sdih..  Hti sy rsa pilu sgt..  Sy xtau knpa.. I struggled with anxiety since 2016.. And.  Thats it.  Im have anxiety. …

  • Anxiety


    Someone told me that my name was mentioned during a meeting. My mind started to be in a mess again. It makes me uneasy. What are the things they are talking…

  • Anxiety

    jika masa boleh diputar

    dulu selalu fikir,kan best kalau masa boleh undur.tak kuat nak lalui dunia sekarang.macam macam dugaan.tak terdaya rasanya.nangis tiap malam.penat penat sangat. tapi takpelah.aku kuatttt.…

  • Anxiety


    I think I’m always stuck between feeling very confident in myself, strutting my stuff, walking into a room and feeling proud vs. internally beating myself up for not being good enough,…

  • Anxiety


    Anxiety is the worst. Panic disorder is the worst. They hit you suddenly, uninvited. It hurts every time. And it doesn’t stop there. It will stay in yourself for days, at…

  • Anxiety Confession Feelings Stress

    The truth…. In me.

    At the age twenties…I’m still nothing. I got nothing, I have nothing.   Dreams…. It’s just words. Job? Passion?  I don’t have it. I want to change, To become someone who…

  • Anxiety

    Patah jiwa

    I wish this page by speak space ni dah ada lama dulu Masa I paling perlu. I’ve used to have a life That constantly need me to be alert if anything…

  • Anxiety

    Social Anxiety

    Have any of you felt that it is incredibly difficult to talk to someone? People might say “Hey, just open up and talk to others, dont keep it to yourself, reach…