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  • Anxiety

    Please Stop

    It’s weird. Whenever I’m on a public transport I would feel like throw up and dizzy. It’s sucks. I wish I don’t have all these feel. Sometimes my heart beat fast.…

  • Anxiety Confession


    I had through my life with memories past which is victim of abuse sexual during childhood. I can’t stop thinking about that meanwhile that bullsh*t was stay closer with me.I have…

  • Anxiety

    Faking Pain

    I am diagnosed with anxiety- panic disorder to be exact. I showed symptoms during my form 1, and turning 20 soon. What is it am I having? Breathing difficulty, heavy chests,…

  • Anxiety

    I cant eat

    I CANT EAT. Why? I honestly do not know. I have the appetite, I am always hungry, but yet, I cant eat. I am the type to worry about things and…

  • Anxiety


    All I ask is to talk to people and have them interested in me. Everyone has those interests that fit into the common like relationships or football. Well, I don’t. I…