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  • Family/Relatives

    Ujian dtg bertimpa2..😌

    Sy yatim piatu.Cuma kakak dan ank saudara je tmpt menumpang kasih.Tp skrg mcm2 mslh jd dlm fmly.Sy dn abg ipar mmg xngam.Ank saudara pn xnk ddk umah sbb xsuka ngn ayah…

  • Family/Relatives

    Moving on

    I guess they are just used to it, that they no longer hang on, but move on with life. They, are the friends missed dearingly, so longing to be in contact…

  • Family/Relatives


    hi guys, im really feel disappointed with my family. im also disappointed with my felling. i think that all not love me anymore because i has nothing and cannot be a…

  • Family/Relatives


    All my life I’ve struggled to be a straight-A student, -as many Asian children to strive to be. I work hard, day and night, to study my butt off in hopes…