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  • Relationships


    Sebuah kepercayaan sukar untuk didapatkan ketika hati pernah hancur.. Tapi boleh dikutip balik, baiki demi mereka yang teristimewa (mak ayah)…

  • Relationships


    Dia yg sy cinta, yg byk mengajar sy tentang agama dan juga dia pernah kecewakan sy suatu ketika dulu.. menyebabkan bertahun tahun dlm kesedihan..6 tahun telah berlalu tp perasaan ni masih…

  • Relationships


    I just lost my husband. Love him a lot. Goal…semoga Allah satukan kami di Jannah. Tapi recently, someone entered my life. He seems sincere. So i am confuse. What shd i…

  • Relationships


    I just need somebody to talk to about my relationship. I cannot say this to my fam nor to my friend. I made a huge mistakes n i cannot undo it.…

  • Relationships


    Tell me, betulkah apa yang i nak buat ni? Tell me, is it okay to go against my family and marrying him. Tell me, if I’m making the best decision? Because…

  • Relationships


    Is it unfair/normal to feel like ur bf doesnt spend on u? We talk abt priorities all the time but if ur bf selectively spends on certain things and not on…

  • Confession Relationships


    At my age right now, everyone seems to have found their love. Some even younger than me. I don’t understand love. I don’t see love in my parent’s marriage. But they’re…