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Self Esteem/Body Image

  • Self Esteem/Body Image

    Dressing Up

    Suddenly, reality hits in the face when people of similar age range around you, dress up for specials or festive but I am still in my old student clothes. In fact,…

  • Self Esteem/Body Image

    Running Away

    The reality is hurt. Because I don’t understand, I tend to choose to ‘run away’. Away from all problems. It feels like I can’t cope with this society. Hurt enough to…

  • Self Esteem/Body Image


    110.1 kg dan 143 cm tinggi. gemuk. hina. gagal. sentiasa bersama sepanjang 17tahun ni. 12nov hari tu start join atkins challenge dan jumpa kawan lama yang bawa bersenam. still gagal. still…

  • Self Esteem/Body Image

    Ugly me

    Umor ak 28…tpi smpi skrg ak tk pernah lg rse disayangi….dn ak tak pernah pun couple..mngkin sbb fizikal ak..bygkn dgn ketinggian 146..dn berat hmpir 70kg…😥…

  • Feelings Self Esteem/Body Image

    I cannot eat

    I can’t eat the food comes in but my hands forces it out i can’t eat because the after effect haunts me and tires me out i can’t eat the idea…

  • Confession Self Esteem/Body Image

    Not good enough

    I always thought like i wasnt good enough for everybody. My friends were always pretty and smart and have many people knowing them while im just lucky being their friend. I…

  • Self Esteem/Body Image

    Why I like writing?

    I enjoy writing a.k.a talking thru this space. The reason is I’m a bit shy person, my traits prone to introvert type. It quite hard for me to talk about feelings…