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  • Feelings Stress

    Salah ke aku menangis?

    Satu hari aku termenangis kat tempat kerja. Hari itu aku rasa stress sangat. Sepanjang aku bekerja kat tempat ni, tak pernah sesiapapun tengok aku menangis. Hari tu, aku menangis dalam tandas…

  • Feelings Stress

    A bad day

    So today was a bad day. Woke up late, started working with an empty stomach. Punched in late due to an annoying customer that demanded he be served even before the…

  • Stress

    a personal battle

    Will it get better? I’ve been always asking this to myself. How can I keep improving when I see little to no measurement of success. My heart is stressed, and I…

  • Depression Feelings Stress


    I dont know why i feel this emptiness.. Its about three weeks i didnt cry. But deep inside everything just not fine. This morning.. I wake up sebab rasa tersentak terkejut…

  • Anxiety Confession Feelings Stress

    The truth…. In me.

    At the age twenties…I’m still nothing. I got nothing, I have nothing.   Dreams…. It’s just words. Job? Passion?¬† I don’t have it. I want to change, To become someone who…

  • Confession Feelings Stress


    I am a late twenties woman. I know I am not well. I know something wrong with me. My brain keep messing with me. I just do not know what. I…