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    Hi ! Setiap kali dapat result, setiap kali tu la saya sedih,kecewa. Study hard k but still result tak memuaskan. Lagi sedih bila result kawan lagi gempak dari saya. Tipu la…

  • Studies/Career

    Work environment

    I may be new, at first they are very friendly and caring of me. I noticed a lot of new comers before me resigned. I did’nt care and only seek positive…

  • Studies/Career

    Sem 1 in uni

    I am in sem 1 of dip in civil eng and having a really hard time adapting to my surroundings. I can’t remember what I’ve learned in classes. I’m doing really…

  • Studies/Career

    Anxiousbbefore classes

    I feel so anxious, my heart beats fast every single time i’m getting into class for this new sem. Whenever examination is mention i feel my heart drop. I feel like…

  • Studies/Career

    I am sad inside

    I am in the state of don’t know what to do for my future : study or work My heart shouts for studying but my condition need me to work Already…

  • Studies/Career


    I can’t take the fucking stress. I am not capable of anything and I’m so overwhelmed by everything. I wanna keep up this image that everyone holds of me of being…

  • Confession Studies/Career

    Work woes

    I just started a new job and while I love my new workplace, I’m not quite sure if I see myself doing this for the next few years. I’m caught between…

  • Studies/Career


    aku tak tahu.. Lately aku punya rasa cemburu membuak buak.. Sekarang oktober dan aku dalam kondisi tangguh pengajian. Sedangkan kawan aku dah bertimbun esaimen selesai. Lupa dah malam tu apa sebab…