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Dressing Up

Suddenly, reality hits in the face when people of similar age range around you, dress up for specials or festive but I am still in my old student clothes. In fact, those younger than me dress even better than me.  I’m falling behind, saddened that not dressing up has become a sin today. I hate worrying about what to wear to look good and to fit in, but this is the social group I’m stuck in for this year.  Just wish I can hide myself in the crowds. Definitely running away to another place to settle down next year. ;( I hate my life for most things that had been going on apart from this.

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    May 23, 2019 at 11:17 pm

    It’s ok. You can try to change, a bit by bit. Start with the simple, light one. I’m too, I’m not good at dressing up myself, you can say that I’m the ‘normal’ & unchanged in my group. But I try to change it by starting a light, simple makeup, & dressing up. When I looking back all my pictures in high school. Wow, seriously hahahahhaha. But the important is, as long as you didn’t lose your identity. Just try looking at the internet, I like Asian makeover style – simple, refreshing yet beautiful. If you have like a body issue… Being fat or something, try to eat balance & exercise. Don’t push your body too hard, try slowly. Just thinking that it’s for your on healthy. Ok? Fighting! 💜

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