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Expired date

Hi, I have a confession to make.

Few days ago, i really in bad state of mind. For whole day, I’m looking for any sparks of hope but tak ada. I post everywhere how much I’m sad, angry and disappointed. But no one reach for me. Asked me if I’m okay or not. What’s wrong with my tweet or status. No one. If they need me, i always available for them. Disappointing with everyone including my own family and best friends. So I decided, in 2 years i’ll leave everything behind. My life and my world. Yah, you can say i will committe suicide. Wait, while i write this confession i remember someone who dear to me make a promise “but first promise me that you won’t die” if i want the “last hug”. Wow now I’m in confusion. I want the last hug so bad. I want to die so bad. I don’t know. We will see 😁.



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    December 30, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    Are you okay dear? How was your day?

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