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For having bipolar is a journey

For having bipolar is a journey.

Its started in july 2018 been diagnosed with adjustment disorder .few weeks after, doctor said i have panic disorder. Started consuming anti depressant named sertraline. Started with low dose 25mg. And each time i seek for doctor they will increase the dose .i start losing my friends. My world. Even they never left me behind but it feels like that. Losing everything that you have. I changed into someone different . Someone that everyone doesn’t know. I miss my old self a lot but i forget how was me in the good old time. In September 2018 I stop my study at matriculation cause everything just overwhelming. Then. In December 2018 doc I’ve been diagnosed with major depressive disorder with panic. For having both is sucks. I ate 100mg of sertraline each night. I started to realise i got my hypomanic since october 2018. Untill march 2019 its all make sense. I have bipolar type ii. I got both mood very low mood and very high mood. Immediately change my medicine. To aripiprazole 5 mg. Slowly been increased until now. I have to consume 15 mg of it . For having bipolar is a journey. Gratefully im still alive. Alhamdulillah.

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