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Self Esteem/Body Image


110.1 kg dan 143 cm tinggi.

gemuk. hina. gagal. sentiasa bersama sepanjang 17tahun ni.

12nov hari tu start join atkins challenge dan jumpa kawan lama yang bawa bersenam. still gagal. still bodoh tak nak ubah diri. beratnya… penatnya… gemuk dibawa bersama hina dan cacian. ya Allah. tak mahu jadi kegagalan lagi. tolonglah kuat!

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    Scorpio Girl
    November 23, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Hai Moon. Jgn give up. Ignore semua cacian. Pasang niat nak kurus sebab diri sendiri and bukan sebab org lain. Mulut tempayan yg besar pun bole tutup. Mulut manusia yg kecik mmg payah nak tutup. Masa gemuk caci org. Bila kurus still akan caci. Kurus sebab sakit lar. Sebab ambik dadah lar and etc2. Just ignore semua kata2 negative. Btw, sy pun pernah buat diet Atkins. Hilang 10kg. Displin penting. Lama2 dah boring dgn Atkins. Now sy buat Intermittent Fasting (IF). This is not diet plan tp cara kita makan. U try google and try this style tgk. Rajinkan bersenam. If weekdays tak dpt bersenam, atleast weekends u bole besenam. But bersenam every day more good. Around 15-30 min pun okay. Slow jogging, walking, cycling or zumba. Make sure klur peluh. Drink more water. No sugary foods. Be positive! All the best Moon 🙂

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    May 23, 2019 at 11:31 pm

    Hi, I know it’s hard to do it. But try a big by bit. How about trying to change your mindset first. Let’s try the exercise for your health. For your heart. In Shaa Allah you will be fine. Try the simple one… Like do some walking distance, instead taking lif, use tangge. About meal, try eat in a small quantities but still, you got enough protein, vegetables in your plate. Instead of drinking air tin, air manis bagai, change into mineral water. Good for your body. Try fasting 2-3 days a week. About makeover, try the simple, refreshing yet still beautiful for your skin. Like an Asian makeup style. Don’t put too much. I, , myself are like you too but for a different case. I don’t have a strong body and yeah… My face are quite ugly when I’m in high school… But, year by year, when I look at my old picture, I can see the difference.

    You can do it. Just try bit by bit, ok?

    Fighting! 💜

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