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Not good enough

I always thought like i wasnt good enough for everybody. My friends were always pretty and smart and have many people knowing them while im just lucky being their friend. I always there for them even late at night or early in the morning but they always shut me out. Idk. Mybe i wasnt good enough.. not pretty enough.. not smart enough.. people only reach out to me if they need something or they wanted my help but when they are happy they left me out. They knew i wasnt ok but they didnt seem to care. Nobody did. Countless time i thought to kill myself until at some point i really consider to really do it but yeah. Idk. I wish theres someone. How could there be someone when theres nobody? Everyone just too busy with their own problems. I guess im not around there wouldnt be any different right? The sun will still shine and the earth still rotates.

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