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Currently,  when I saw picture of little girls in Facebook,  I become worried. I am scared that they will be a victim of those cruel pedophile just like how I used to.

I want to tell those parents to stop posting provoking pictures. I want them to realize the world is not as safe. I hope no one will get hurt anymore.

When I worked at paediatric ward,  OSCC cases was my worst nightmare.  I silently worrying about those kids,  worrying about their future but I told no one.

The burden I have to endure all my life because of that darkest moment of my life,  I don’t want anyone to feel it too.

Few weeks ago there was a post about a FB page that definitely showing sign of the user is pedophile. It was horrible. I wish I could kill him. Yes,  I pray those people like him to be dead.

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