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Psycho housemates

Its been 3 month since I move in to this house. All seems to be perfect until day 5 I move in.

my roommate start a fight with another housemate in front of me over petty whatsapp messages. Then suddenly she broke down in front of us because of work pressure. It is understandable for that moment.


Few weeks later I ask another housemate about her. Then there is been series of cat fight between her and previous tenants. There been a police report lodge too.


Ever since then I’ve been very cautious around her. She is the type of person whom get really abusive verbally. Mostly because of petty things. But one thing I hate about her is she never ever care about hygiene. Bear in mind that I share room with her and she never ever wash her bed sheet and towel ever since I move in. Imagine the smell guys.



The reason I wrote here because she been attacking me lately with her abusive way. I’ve been quiet because I don’t want to create a scene but this girl will never stop shouting until I shown sign of OK u are right girl. And i’ve been dealing with my depression quietly for 2 years now. This situation really affect my mental health. Luckily I only will be staying here for another 2 months. All I can do is suck it up and ignore her when I can.

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