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Social Anxiety

Have any of you felt that it is incredibly difficult to talk to someone?

People might say “Hey, just open up and talk to others, dont keep it to yourself, reach out and say something”. But how? Everyone thinks its so easy, and it ‘s my fault that I don’t have much friends … Do you think you are helping me by just saying “Oh you’re not trying hard enough, just make small talk with others“. NO you are not.

I try going to social hangout events but no one of them works for me. I hate it

It’s so difficult to make friends when everyone has one already. And people think I’m a loser for not fitting in. I’ll just stick with the people that I meet on the internet.

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    September 29, 2018 at 1:53 am

    Hey let’s befriend. I’m an anxious introvert heartless nonexpressive lone ranger.. given sometimes, you may hate me but it’s okay I hate myself too and you can walkaway anytime.

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