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take a chill pill

you know how couples fight? yeah but this is so much more than that. this questions the whole foundation of our relationship, the fundamentals and it all boils down to “are we compatible?”, “can our relationship survive?” -in this current state, idts

disagreeing is one thing, agreeing to disagree is another, but when it goes against your whole being and your beliefs as a person, is that extent of disagreement then toxic? -i think so

how can a relationship be sustained if these two people just cant get along to begin with? the disagreement is REAL. it attacks and it feeds off of each other’s personalities –when it was initially just about work. how can this survive?

i question the sustainability of the relationship; how far can we go before we lose ourselves? in hopes of becoming a better individual through the relationship, how can you continue doing it if only one person is improving whilst the other just d o e s n t?

ask me? i honestly think it may be doomed, its just too bad we took too long to realise it.

MY ADVICE: dont ignore red flags in a relationship. theyre flags and theyre red for a reason -its signalling that this is part of an even bigger underlying issue



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