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The Missing Piece

The dark gloomy days and bouts of hopelessness came to visit again. Making me feel sort of empty. Like I am missing something. Something that was once dear to me. Something that I longed for but unable to recall what it is. Like some crucial piece of a jigsaw puzzle that is missing. All the effort that I have relentlessly poured my heart and soul into solving the puzzle, abrupted by the missing piece. A piece that I could never place my finger on where it is exactly.  Until it is discovered, the puzzle would forever remain incomplete. Preventing me from ever feeling content from creating something meaningful out of scattered pieces with different shapes.


The missing piece.

It must be lonely being out there in this world isolated from its “friends” not knowing if anyone is even looking for it. All it could do is pray. So that it could eventually be found one day.


The missing piece.

It may not know, but there is a person whom is actively searching for it.

A person whose eyes glimmer with hope and curiosity.

A person whose mouth jokes and laughs a lot, but only to those close to him.

A person whose determination is to help others find meanings in their suffering.

A person whose wish is to inspire others out there to keep striving for their dreams and ambitions like how he was inspired by individuals whom he crossed paths with.


In the search for the missing piece, he wandered into the forest of his own thoughts, primarily filled with nostalgic and fond memories. Deeper and deeper he ventured, he knew that it started getting nightmarish. Yet, he took the risk fearlessly and went in deeper for the sake of getting back the crucial missing piece lost somewhere far in the woods. Then he realized. That he had been going around in circles surrounded by unwanted and disturbing thoughts that became louder and more prominent as time flew by. He picked up his pace and ran instead. Running is what he does best, or so he thought. He fell on his knees on that barren ground, covering his ears with his hands. At that point, he knew. That he had forgotten the way in and that he could no longer see the way out either.


A person whose aim was to bring back the missing piece, turned into a missing piece himself lost in the forest of thoughts.


Perhaps the missing piece of the puzzle was himself after all?

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