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The truth…. In me.

At the age twenties…I’m still nothing.

I got nothing,

I have nothing.


Dreams…. It’s just words.

Job? Passion? 

I don’t have it.

I want to change,

To become someone who has ‘something’ that I can proud of.

But, I’m scared.

Fear. Confuse. Jealous.

Feeding inside me. But I try to fight back. 


Not knowing myself.

Which one is the ‘real’ me? … 

I only see my weakness. 

And it stops me from trying to be ‘myself’.


I’m scared, each time I imagine myself in the future. I only see myself as a failure.

I wonder if I could survive in this societies.



I always thought… If I disappointed my parents. All my friends are leaving, moving further to their’s dreams.

While, I’m still stuck.


At my own, unmoving hourglass. 

I wish I could break it and set myself free. 

Fear nothing, and moving forward.




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