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Tired. Yes, I admit, I’m really tired.

Tired of what? Everything.

Tired of having to impress people.

Tired of having to be someone I’m really not.

Tired of not being able to express my opinions.

Tired of being misunderstood.

Tired of being a slow learner.

Tired of having to say “It’s alright” when people hurt me.

Tired of getting sensitive over little things too easily.

Tired of being jealous with other people.

Seriously, I’m even tired with myself. And I bet you’re tired of reading this “tired” confession. Haha.

But hey, the sky looks beautiful this evening.

Hey, it’s quite windy tonight. The touch of the wind on my cheeks makes me feel alive.

Hey, I’m walking alone right now. Nobody to impress, don’t have to pretend to be interested with whatever people are talking about.

Hey, the water tastes really amazing this time. It’s not cold, but I feel so refreshed.

Hey, I know that God is listening to the voice in my heart.

And somehow, I don’t feel tired anymore.

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