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I got an interview invitation for GOV. position and Ive been waiting for this position in 5 years working at different field and Im fucking nervous.

I know, from the very start I clicked submit on the website for applying it, that Im gonna face it sooner or later.

Ive prepare it. And I really wish they will call me for the interview session.

But, the problem are, I still have this low self-esteem problem. I keep judging myself. My head keep lowered my self and my abilities. I cant tell my mom, because she will held her hope high for me. I cant tell my sister, cuz Im afraid she would wish for my failure. My head could not focus and the voice of these worried keep banging and echoing in my head. Im really afraid I would fall on the day of interview. I really afraid I forget everything that I read and learn. Every time I prepared the reading for the IV, my heard keep thumping out loud. Im really afraid right now.

I really wish anyone could give me any word so I could strive this IV. I really want this position, Ive been running to far from what Ive learn in University and afraid Ive dive to deep in this different world.



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